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What Our Customers Have to Say…

Heidi - TN

I have taken your Bee Pollen for over 20 years. My health is great because Bee Pollen provides everything I need! Thanks so much for your wonderful product.

I am sold on Bee Awake.  In the afternoon, I love the way it helps me feel alert without making me nervous.  And my wife loves the extra energy I have when I get home at night.

I've been buying Bee Awake in the truck stops for years.  I accidentally bought the other stuff and there is just no comparison!  I am so glad I can order it online now.  Now I know I'm getting the real deal!

My husband was raving about your bee awake.  I thought he was exaggerating….but OH MY GOODNESS! He was right!  This is the best stuff I've ever tried!  It really does give me the energy I've been missing!

It just flat works!  Nothing else on the market works like your Bee Awake!  I can take two of those tablets and know that I'm good to go for another 6 hours and it doesn't make my skin crawl, doesn't give me the shakes and doesn't make my heart race!  I want it back in the Flying J!"

I sleep better at night knowing when he's out there on the road he is safe with Bee Awake.

I received 3 purple hearts in Vietnam and I have trouble eating.  I drive a semi and Bee Awake is the best stuff in the world! It keeps me awake and alert and it's all natural.

I love Bee Awake because it is not a "high," and it doesn't cause a "crashing low" – it just helps me stay awake when I am a little drowsy, and then it lets me fall asleep naturally when I want to.  Bee Awake contains only healthy things and fills a need for me – staying awake with no side effects.

What I like is that its all natural.  No jitters it just lifts the fog out of your brain!

I am a 3rd shift worker and your Bee Awake really works for me!  I get off at 2 a.m. and have a 45 minute drive home.  I take one Bee Awake and it keeps me awake and safe for my drive home and then allows me to sleep.  I have 5 children and Bee Awake helps me keep up with them and my job.  I've tried the other products in the drug store and they just don't work.  Bee Awake works every time!"


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